Thursday, 19 September 2013

House of Holland Nails

On my wishlish
I want alllllll of these!!! If anyones used these then please give me your opinion (: 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Cara Brow Sculpt

So girls who spend their days plucking, waxing and (the very brave ones) shaving their brows will be relieved to know that the less is more attitude is over and 'Cara Delevigne' look is in.

The problem for us mere mortals in achieving the Cara look lies in creating the thick voluminous brow that sets Miss Delivigne apart, but Maybelline are embracing the art of brow sculpting with this little beauty.

Maybelline Brow Drama.

These come in three different colours, so you can sculpt your brows to be as bold or subtle as you like. I've gone for medium brown - a shade much lighter than my actual colour for a more natural finish. 

The easy to use applicator makes it easy to whip it out and sculpt away without any mess or fuss. It's only £4.99 from Boots and with their current 'buy one get one half price' promotion, you can stock up for under a tenner or grab yourself another bargain!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wishlist for Autumn '13

Okay my beauties! Now I know that I do slip off the radar occasionally but I have been busy with salesplan at work - trying out all the new goodies to blog about and there are some really must-have products for this Autumn.

Here are the ones I'm reeeeally excited about!

Rimmel Stay Matte Cream Blush
The Stay Matte collection is a Rimmel classic, and for a while I thought that they might be discontinuing it because the suppliers were just not sending us any. But taa-daah! It's back and with funky new packaging. Tomorrow they release the new cream blush - and I'm lucky enough to have tried it and I know for sure just how good it is - it matches upto the skintone perfectly and isn't to brazen nor too subtle. The durability is good and the consistency satisfying - perfect to warm up your skin tone on a blustery autumn day.

Maybelline Babylips
I know this has been out for a while but I've only just realised how good it is. It claims to offer 8 hour protection and you really can feel the moisture in your lips after a fair few hours (maybe not 8). This product will be so useful to me when the weather starts getting colder because my lips always chap, and I won't get bored because it comes in 6 really cute colours - that leave just a yummy tint on your lips. I'm taking one of these to Lanzarote with me when I go back on the 27th.

Seventeen CC Cream
Not all Seventeen products sit well with me, but I'm pleasantly surprised by their CC Cream. The coverage is actually really good and long-lasting. Colder days are definitely not great on my skin so I'm grateful to have a product that I know gives something POSITIVE to my skin and isn't just a temporary fix. That is also coming to Grotty with me!

For all of you who enjoy my blog please feel free to follow me on Bloglovin', and I'm happy to look at other blogs. Bye for now!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Maybelline Superstay: In it for the long haul

There's loads of fab new products that I've tried recently, and I'm sure that any beauty blog you come across will give you tonnes of fab new products to experiment with... but I'd like to take a minute to appreciate an older product which I think is particularly underrated.

As part of the Maybelline Superstay range, these £8.99 (Boots) matte lipwands are fantastic value for money, because of their durability.

I reccommended these to a woman yesterday who was looking for something that would stay on during her wedding, and I let her test some colours out on my arm. Two days and TWO showers later, this is my arm...

You can still see the remains of what is "Fire Coral" and "Raspberry".

These wands leave a cool matte glossy finish that really do last a long time, and also come with a convenient lipseal that is tactfully on the other side, making it well worth the money.

Greasy Skin and Poor Decisions : My £25 Foundation mistake.

For those of you who are aware, I work at Boots' and occasionally we get double  discount days. These are a big deal because that makes Boots' own brand products nearly 50% off!

When our last double discount day coincided with a greasy skin week, I got a bit trigger happy with my bank card.

These are what I ended up with.

Your initial thoughts might not be of absolute "what the hell woman", but I'll explain why these were stupid reckless purchases.....

1) No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation
This is a popular foundation and fairly so; the clever formula means the foundation adapts to your skin tone, leaving a very natural finish.

This was a poor choice for me - the formula is incredibly greasy and generally targeted at an older market. The consistency felt horrible on my face and at some points I wasn't sure whether I needed to reapply because it had worn off my skin, or whether it just looked SO natural that it was fooling either me. Either way, there was definitely not enough coverage for my liking. The second mistake I made was bulk buying ..... Even if it was an absolute bargain at the price I paid, I now have an unopened tube that is completely useless to me. 

 2) Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Foundation.

I actually thought I'd really like this but it was just soo greasy. With previous creamy foundations, I've found that once the first application dries, theres still a fair amount of coverage, but this was totally wrong for my skin and whenever I put it on I felt like I was moving it around my face - not applying it. I'd reccommend this to anyone who suffers with dry skin though.

3) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
I actually didn't mind this, at £3.99 it's cost friendly and there are some really nice, warm colours in the collection. However, I dislike the packaging as I always lose the lid - and as someone who likes to reapply on the go, this rendered the powder almost useless for me. In my opinion - all powders should have attached lids, preferably a mirror in there too, and a nice soft thick sponge to get your hands around. This was cost friendly, but felt cheap.

Back in style...

I'd just like to say a big thank you to the people who messaged me during the last month, asking about my blog.

I haven't posted since June because my laptop broke and I was between phones. Now I'm back with you on my Iphone and working on getting my laptop back on its feet so I can start making video's too.

Keep checking here for updates because two months is a long time and I've got ALOT to talk about. Please also follow me at, and if beauty blogs are your thing then try following us on #bbloggers for some great conversations and tips from some fab people!

Thanks guys!
Jess x